Weighing Illegal Immigration Pros and Cons

Justice RenderedHave you ever wondered, how important is to know the right facts regarding this very serious issue of illegal immigration? Wrong perceptions and information about this cause can create more troubles for the country and can affect the life of US citizens badly. It thus becomes imperative for you me and the authorities to weigh illegal immigration pros and cons before giving any sort of conclusion. Empathizing with the severity of this issue, this page has formulated and evaluated all the aspects of illegal immigration. Whether it is regarding those highly debated illegal immigrations pros or the facts that lies on the other side of the coin, everything has been synopsized here. There are only a very few illegal immigration pros but they too fail miserably to justify such illicit intrusion and then later creating a havoc in the country. There are so many illegal immigration cons to justify that illegal immigration never benefits any country and must be impeded by the government at any cost. Now that you are not oblivious to this, why don’t you weigh illegal immigration pros and cons separately, understand the intricacies involved in both and then take a stand on this issue? For easy reference, both illegal immigration pros and cons are discussed separately in the following sections of this write up. Illegal immigration pros: Catch a glimpse of the reasons why our government officials are not impeding it and in a way are supporting it. Here is why-

  • As per the data collected by Internal Revenue Service, the US government received $305 million as taxes collected from the illegal immigrants in the US. It is believed that the illegal aliens who reside at borders and other parts of the country help increase business in such areas by purchasing goods. Whenever they purchase a good or commodity, in a way they are paying taxes as well.
  • Another illegal immigration pro fact is that these illegal immigrants are always ready to take up low wage jobs and are very willing to take up tasks that an ordinary American might hesitate in undertaking. As a result, many companies are benefiting from this because they are getting cheap labor within the country.
  • It also has been mentioned in the data that illegal immigrants make use of their ITIN number for filling their taxes, so this shows they are responsible.

But can it be assured that each one of them do so. There are over 20 million illegal immigrants in the US. Are these pro statistics enough to let illegal immigrants continue intruding our borders? Illegal Immigration Cons: Illegal immigration cons are numerous.

  • They are taking away jobs that are meant for Native Americans and legal immigrants.
  • Illegal immigrants utilize health, shelter and education benefits at the cost of taxes paid by Native Americans.
  • Illegal aliens have made crime scenario in the US worst ever. They are involved in most robberies, murder cases and all those hideous tasks that are unjustified both legally and morally.
  • Moreover, they never pay taxes.

Now that you have both illegal immigration pros and cons statistics right here, it is quite certain that you don’t feel that the illegal immigrant pros can ever outgrow the cons. The side effects of illegal immigration are very severe. Our economy, US native citizens, businesses and all other things that makes the US are very badly hurt by illegal immigration.


  1. American Soldier says:

    There is no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant”, nor “undocumented student”. The correct legal term is “illegal alien”. This term is used, and accepted, worldwide. In fact the “legal papers” are commonly referred to as the “green card” is officially called the “alien registration” card by the US government.
    So let’s break it down for those of you infected with the disease known as political correctness:
    Alien: A person in a country other then their own.
    Illegal Alien: A person in a country other then their own illegally.
    Any questions amigos?

  2. Lindsay says:

    *Diana- I agree with you, everything you are saying is completely logical; props.
    *to everyone else who is trashing “aliens”. For one, aliens are not real. If you were to go to another country what would they call you? ( probably not an alien ). this country, years ago, was prideful on how it was free and was open to whom ever wanted to make a future here. And when immigrants came, they were welcomed and helped our country grow. Now, all of a sudden, immigration has gone from being what helped make our country what it is, to hating the people who are still helping it grow. I know many immigrants and they are some of the smartest, most respectful, hardworking people I have ever met. I work at Walmart as a cashier. most citizens use W.I.C and food stamps, while the immigrant Germans, French, Mexican ( doesn’t matter, you pick) paywith CASH, that they EARN. us americans are lazy and very judgmental. I am the proud fiance’ of a wonderful mexican man, whos family is not from the U.S. This man is a police officer and would help anyone. His mother is not a citizen, but he is. If it weren’t for her, that man who keeps americans safe would not be here! humans are humans, there are good and bad everywhere. if you go into the prisons (and i know people who have worked in prisons) there are legals, illegals, and most of all citizens. I mean HELLO, we pay taxes so that Juvenile delinquents can get an education, and for the housing for our own countries murderers and rapist. what about the bad people we bread? I believe in equal opportunity. No matter who you are you should be punished for horrible acts, but people are people, illegals are people just like you and me, they have feelings and families. we drink underage, we run red lights, we steal lipstick from walmart, they come to a country illegally to help their families. whats so different?

  3. fjfnkjfjnf says:

    I think I’d like to weigh in and say that immigration is umm bad?

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