The Skyrocketing Cost of Illegal Immigration

Day One Hundred and ThirteenUndoubtedly, Illegal immigration is a nuisance for the entire US. Illegal immigrants have taken jobs that are legally meant for the Americans; they are importing poverty into the US, are behaving shoddily, and are also disgracing the country. The consequences of illegal immigration are not just limited to the above mentioned ones, but its consequences are more degrading and ghastly for our country. Illegal aliens are in no manner to contributing to our nation; the only thing they are doing is disgracing the country and shaking the very base of our economy. Because of their illegal infringement, our Native American citizens are severely affected.

They are made to pay more taxes and illegal immigrants are getting medical and shelter facilities from it. But all these are just small things that are happening for so many decades that the American population is so very frustrated and annoyed from this very silly concept of illegal immigration. But the cost of illegal immigration that are country is bearing is far more reaching and enormous. As you’ll continue reading this piece of crucial information, you’ll yourself find that the cost of illegal immigration is sky rocketing in the US, and none other than a common man is made to compensate for it.

For the welfare of illegal immigrants, the US government spends around $22 million each year. On food stamps, free lunches, WIC and other food related relief programs our government spends around $2.2 billion per year for the illegal immigrants. For proffering medical assistance to these illegal aliens each year $2.5 billion is spent. The cost for giving primary and secondary education to the children of illegal immigrants, around $12 billion dollars are washed out. If this isn’t enough, catch a glimpse of more expenses our government handles for nurturing these illegal infringers.

On anchor babies, the American government washes out a whooping $17 billion dollars each year and for incarcerating illegal immigrants on a daily basis $3 million dollars are spent.

To add more, they are taking away our jobs, are escalating the crime rate, using facilities that are coming from the pockets of an American citizen, who is now under a burden of no job and more tax. Illegal immigrants are just making the things bad for Americans to live in. Such a huge amount is spent on them just to ensure that they get the basic amenities for living and still they are back stabbing us and are simply deteriorating the circumstances.

This skyrocketing cost of illegal immigrants is compensated from the huge taxes that we pay to our governments, hoping that they will make OUR lives better and will avail better facilities for US. But, all our hard earned money is spent on these illegal immigrants who are doing nothing but frightening us. All this won’t be able to last for long. Our government must find some solution. If they are fine and comfortable with illegal immigrants then they should think of ways it does not become a burden for the working Native US citizens.


  1. Oh, NOW your concerned with Native American rights? Get a clue. And NOW you are concerned with illegal immigration? Where were you before 1978 when Chavez organized the farm workers and forced rich growers to treat them like humans? Check the statistics. No one cared until the rich could not longer get their crops picked and toilets cleaned for pennies a day. NOW everyone cares? You people are like puppets. Try TALKING to them, getting to know them as a people, before you blindly accept this garbage.

  2. greg says:

    My brother in law was an illegal. From Mexico. He worked construction for 10 years. He was taught a trade,made good money, not pennies, never had a calif drivers license, had a fake soc sec card. Where is he now after the housing industry failed? He is back in Juarez where he came from. Sent all his money there for 10 years. Didnt invest in America. Multiply that by a few million and then explain to me how this so called cheap labor helps America. It would be cheaper to pay American citizens higher wages and not pay out all the entitlement programs illegals get. I will agree that puppets rule our politcal process. Be glad for them because without those puppets most illegals wouldnt be here.

  3. Susan says:

    I don’t think anyone really knows what the correct statistics are on the amount of money given in entitlements to illegals.
    But, whatever it is it is too much. Just the county of Los Angeles has spent a half billion dollars on food stamps not including free healthcare, welfare for anchor babies. Our country is a generous country however, immigration should be done the legal way. The republicans voted in November were voted in to do something concerning illegal immigration. Its interesting that not much is said that alot of states that have budget deficits have a large illegal population.

  4. Karina says:

    Really? Illegal immigrants come to this country to work, not to desgrace it. If they commit any illicit action is because there is no other way. Illegals have the feelings and the ambition that many americans lack.

  5. Alex says:

    This sounds like a very racist person immigrants come here for a better life and who are you to judge an entire race of people just because of the action of some peoepl; not all are bad. The more I read the more irrated I got your just putting in your own feelings on the subject with no facts to back it up.No one knows the true statictis of immigration and racist people are the ones discracing this country not immigrants.

  6. Aranda says:

    Yes life is good for illegals in USA because they get things free! The taxpayers bear the cost of this. Most do not pay taxes as they do day work for cash. They do not pay into our system but they benefit from it sure enough. Schools, hospitals, food, and when they commmit crimes, we pay for them to go through the court system and then the prisons which all costs money. USA should not have to be responsible for these freeloaders. We do not invade THEIR country to live off THEM. If they earn money by working day work they send it to Mexico and it is OUT OF CIRCULATIION here in the USA which is VERY bad for our economy, what don’t you get about that? IT gives all Mexicans who came here LEGALLY a bad name as well. There are more illegals in Federal prison than any other group. They commit rape, murder, drunk driving, many other things. Why do we have to pay the money to house them? It costs money to build prisons, outfit them, staff them, and run them. Same with schools for their children. Keep them at home and we don’t have the problem. Yes they do have a choice – they can obey the law and stay home. It is the difference between right and wrong. The minute they cross the border illegally they show they do not care about law and will break other laws. This shames the Mexicans that love the law.

  7. Val says:

    Wow author of this article. Tell us what you really think. Ha ha. I mean, harsh bro.

    I think it is funny how he said they come to our country then disgrace it. What do the millions of high school and college kids do on spring break in Cabo? Partying, drinking, whooping and hollering all about, like a bunch of monkeys. This is disgrace to me. Not only to us as these are our American children but to do this to another country, behave this way in a guests home? We are out of control!

    Oh, yea and deport all Illegals too.

  8. Peterson says:

    its us that go and fight for the US. not them if they went and fought in some of our wars then MAYBE they could stay. IF they fought for us. they do put a bad name on all the immigrants that are legall. and we might go to another country and party, sure where obnoxious, thats what high school kids do. but we leave after a week, we dont take there jobs and send the money back to our country, they stay her and take our work.

  9. Cristina says:

    you all americans do come visit mexico right? oh we are spending a lot of money on them blah blah blah. first of all dont send them to prisons second of all give them a chance all of you all that are speaking just plain out of ignorance. then us Mexicans should deport ur butts to america as well but do we do that no. when an american flees to mexico what do we treat them worse than u do to the Mexicans? no we dont go that way the harsh way. plus for ur information not all illegal are Mexicans prejudice person. get it straight you all people talk but have no facts no history of the US and u call that being an american?.. i guarantee u that an illegal noes more about the US history than an american who lives here. and in spring break not only illegals go ok mostly they are all americans so stop putting lame excuses. oh they do this they do that stop whining big cry babies if u want a job so bad go look for it. you noe why illegals have jobs? well let me tell u for once they get off there butts and go look for jobs not like the american there sitting and saying oh i want a job those illegal are taking everything it BS all u racist people are BS….

  10. Alyssa says:

    Uhm Christina they actually put you in prison in Mexico for being illegal :) they also are allowed to physically harm an illegal. We dont harm you in the US you go to jail or you get deported.Visitors actually leave after a week. Your basically generalizing the people making comments as idiots. Yet I’m sure many of them know their history just like I do. But i gotta say not many have watched the way illegals have taken over a city like i have. Phoenix USED to be a pleasant place to go.. NOW I have to becareful just driving YOU dont have signs in MEXICO saying CAUTION: Drug cartels and illegals in YOUR forests.

  11. Coolio says:

    Christina- Yes, I did KNOW that not all illegal immigrants are Mexican. There are an estimated 13 million in the U.S. now, and an expected 22.5 million by 2030. The problem with statistics is that we don’t have an exact count because they are ILLEGAL, and are (usually) trying to hide. Do you really see nothing wrong with working people (who have an education) paying for people that aren’t truly eligible for the benefits that they get? What about the people who need that money and are actually citizens? At least Americans KNOW how to spell (if you haven’t caught on you don’t spell know as noe)! And yes, I have met wonderful Mexicans, and yes, I realize how hard working they can be, but they are still ILLEGAL!!! LEAVE THE AMERICAN DREAM TO AMERICANS!

  12. If they are so hard working why dont they stay in Mexico and fix it.They have been there for several hundred years and the country is a dump.

  13. T says:

    Wait until you have to take your child in for medical care and they don’t recieve the best option for their condition because your insurance won’t cover it or you cannot afford it out of pocket….and then an iilegal on medicaid will be treated no questions asked at your expense.. I see this everyday…it makes me sick and very angry…millions for their care..millions for their translators..millions for the WIC programs and food stamps and heating subsidies.. and education of the non english speaking children… the list goes on and on…and then I read in the news about a woman shot while walking with her child by a stray bullet that crossed our border… If these people who come here were not so bad then why are they costing tax payers a fortune and why are the crime rates in the areas where they chose to live so high… I’m sorry but math doesnt lie… and illegals from mexico are no good for this country..

  14. CTyler USMC Retired says:

    Average time for an Illegal to apply for and receive federal assistance,,,, 5 to 10 working days. Average time for a U.S. Veteran to apply for and MAYBE receive service connected disability. 2 to 5 years. Plus 9 times out of ten the veteran is denied and has to appeal adding another 2 years to the process. Enough said.

  15. Alan Gray says:

    The difference in the kids that go to Cabo, Cozumel, and other Mexican Resorts is that they spend millions of American earned dollars in the areas visited during Spring break, What do the illegals spend here in the states….The Bare minimum st survive, and all the money the can afford is sent home to Mexico to take care of their families which just havent been able to sneak across the border, and further burded the Tax Paying Citizens of this once Great Nation!!

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