Day One Hundred and ThirteenUndoubtedly, Illegal immigration is a nuisance for the entire US. Illegal immigrants have taken jobs that are legally meant for the Americans; they are importing poverty into the US, are behaving shoddily, and are also disgracing the country. The consequences of illegal immigration are not just limited to the above mentioned ones, but its consequences are more degrading and ghastly for our country. Illegal aliens are in no manner to contributing to our nation; the only thing they are doing is disgracing the country and shaking the very base of our economy. Because of their illegal infringement, our Native American citizens are severely affected.

They are made to pay more taxes and illegal immigrants are getting medical and shelter facilities from it. But all these are just small things that are happening for so many decades that the American population is so very frustrated and annoyed from this very silly concept of illegal immigration. But the cost of illegal immigration that are country is bearing is far more reaching and enormous. As you’ll continue reading this piece of crucial information, you’ll yourself find that the cost of illegal immigration is sky rocketing in the US, and none other than a common man is made to compensate for it.

For the welfare of illegal immigrants, the US government spends around $22 million each year. On food stamps, free lunches, WIC and other food related relief programs our government spends around $2.2 billion per year for the illegal immigrants. For proffering medical assistance to these illegal aliens each year $2.5 billion is spent. The cost for giving primary and secondary education to the children of illegal immigrants, around $12 billion dollars are washed out. If this isn’t enough, catch a glimpse of more expenses our government handles for nurturing these illegal infringers.

On anchor babies, the American government washes out a whooping $17 billion dollars each year and for incarcerating illegal immigrants on a daily basis $3 million dollars are spent.

To add more, they are taking away our jobs, are escalating the crime rate, using facilities that are coming from the pockets of an American citizen, who is now under a burden of no job and more tax. Illegal immigrants are just making the things bad for Americans to live in. Such a huge amount is spent on them just to ensure that they get the basic amenities for living and still they are back stabbing us and are simply deteriorating the circumstances.

This skyrocketing cost of illegal immigrants is compensated from the huge taxes that we pay to our governments, hoping that they will make OUR lives better and will avail better facilities for US. But, all our hard earned money is spent on these illegal immigrants who are doing nothing but frightening us. All this won’t be able to last for long. Our government must find some solution. If they are fine and comfortable with illegal immigrants then they should think of ways it does not become a burden for the working Native US citizens.