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Day One Hundred and ThirteenUndoubtedly, Illegal immigration is a nuisance for the entire US. Illegal immigrants have taken jobs that are legally meant for the Americans; they are importing poverty into the US, are behaving shoddily, and are also disgracing the country. The consequences of illegal immigration are not just limited to the above mentioned ones, but its consequences are more degrading and ghastly for our country. Illegal aliens are in no manner to contributing to our nation; the only thing they are doing is disgracing the country and shaking the very base of our economy. Because of their illegal infringement, our Native American citizens are severely affected.

They are made to pay more taxes and illegal immigrants are getting medical and shelter facilities from it. But all these are just small things that are happening for so many decades that the American population is so very frustrated and annoyed from this very silly concept of illegal immigration. But the cost of illegal immigration that are country is bearing is far more reaching and enormous. As you’ll continue reading this piece of crucial information, you’ll yourself find that the cost of illegal immigration is sky rocketing in the US, and none other than a common man is made to compensate for it.
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illegal immigration news Turn on the television or cable TV and you will hear a lot about the current news and issues. One of these is illegal immigration news which the media has built a lot of hype and hysteria around, giving the American public a false view of several key issues.

The first and most pervasive myth that some in the media sensationalize is that illegal aliens commit more crimes than citizens and that there is a crime wave about to sweep the nation.

This idea is simply not true. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite of what many people believe. Of course, as with any large population, there will be a number of crimes including violent and sexual crimes. However, researchers from the University of Michigan and Harvard University have found that immigrants commit fewer crimes than citizens and that there were lower rates of crime in areas with large immigrant populations.

This is exactly the opposite of some illegal immigration news reported in the media.

Another common myth that is frequently discussed in the news is that illegal aliens do not pay taxes and put an undue strain on social services. It is not uncommon to hear callers, guests and media people complaining about how illegal immigrants are receiving food stamps, Social Security and other government aid without paying for it in the form of taxes.

However, again the truth is the opposite of what is claimed as fact on television and in the news. Illegal immigrants are not eligible to receive most government aid and they do pay taxes as well as Social Security dues. As a matter of fact, even documented immigrants are not eligible for food stamps, welfare, Medicaid and other such forms of government assistance during their first five years of stay in the US.

Quite apart from these two common myths, there are many other unsubstantiated fears that the media have planted in the minds of their audience.

For example, massive voter fraud is supposed to have been perpetuated by illegal immigrants. This is clearly absurd as voter fraud is a very rare occurrence. Only 24 people in the whole of the United States have been convicted of voter fraud from 2002 to 2005. The incidence of voter fraud is roughly the same as that of people dying from lighting strikes, a frequent metaphor for an extremely unlikely event.

Feeding on the hysteria about illegal immigration are some rumors about “Aztlan” or parts of the Southwest that Mexico supposedly secretly plans to conquer. However Mexican-born citizens and undocumented workers are overwhelmingly not in favor of any such plan and that there is no real Aztlan plan, it is simply a tale that has no real basis in reality.

Media has a responsibility to the public to report the illegal immigration news fairly and accurately. In addition to these myths, there have been calls for media to stop using the terms “aliens” and “illegal aliens” because it dehumanizes the people involved. Some media reports even use the term “illegals” as a shorthand term for illegal immigrants. Such use unfairly criminalizes undocumented workers. Using “illegals” as a noun to refer to a person also criminalizes the person himself, not the actions that may have been made. It is hoped that the media will refer to them as undocumented workers instead.

PRO-IMMIGRANT RALLYPeople who push for more and tougher anti-illegal alien laws often assert that undocumented workers in the US pay no taxes yet receive a disproportionate amount of support from federal and state relief programs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. One of the biggest illegal immigrations pros is that these workers do in fact pay taxes but do not, as a whole, take part in such programs.

Despite the popular misconception that illegal aliens do not pay taxes, the truth is that the Internal Revenue Service gathered almost $305 million in taxes in 2001 from people who filed using an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). The ITIN is a special number given to those who do not have Social Security numbers but need to file taxes. That is what illegal aliens commonly use to pay their taxes.

Of course, undocumented workers are also paying sales taxes whenever they buy something, just as legal residents and citizens do. They also pay $7 billion in Social Security taxes every year even though they cannot benefit from Social Security programs. In reality, Social Security is kept afloat and working to a certain extent through the contributions of illegal immigrants.

The idea that illegal aliens are getting food stamps or benefiting from Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security programs is also untrue. Undocumented immigrants are barred from taking part in most federal, state and local aid programs. Some exceptions: illegal workers do benefit from free public schooling for their children and are eligible for short-term disaster relief.

Immigration Reform Sign on 4th Street

So what are some other illegal immigration pros?

These workers contribute to the American economy by complementing rather than replacing the US workforce. In many areas of the US there is a shortage of labor for low-paying or unskilled jobs. These are the jobs commonly filled by illegal aliens (most of whom are from Mexico), freeing up the local labor pool for better paying jobs.

Even with the recession, for example, Texas business owners state that it is still quite difficult to hire labor for certain tasks. To cite another example, Arizona lettuce farms will need 40,000 people to hand-pick their produce each year – a huge labor force that the area simply doesn’t have if the owners only look for local workers.

Some even say that if there were no undocumented workers available in the US, many businesses that need a large labor force would be forced to move their production overseas.

Unauthorized workers therefore contribute to the local labor force in a complementary way. Rather than replacing the local labor pool or competing with locals for jobs, the illegal workers make possible the affluent lifestyle of the local residents.

The real question is whether the illegal immigration pros outweigh the cons. Regarding the labor force, illegal workers also play a big role in providing a readily available work force for local businesses. As far as taxes and benefits are concerned, the picture is quite clear. Unauthorized workers pay more in taxes than they take out in the form of government services, due to their ineligibility for most services.

cost of illegal immigrationThe US economy is in a rut and people today are more desperate for good paying jobs than ever before. Rising unemployment rates and a slow economy have fueled the recent debate over the cost of illegal immigration in the country today.

It’s no secret that illegal immigration has been on the increase in the past decade. Even with the recent slowing down of the US economy, foreign workers still flock to the US for the relatively higher wages they will be receiving compared to those in their home countries.

What are the costs of illegal immigration in the country today?

In spite of what many people believe, illegal immigrants do in fact pay taxes. They are also not eligible for most government aid and services such as food stamps, welfare or Medicaid. So the idea that undocumented workers take a huge share of Social Security benefits while not paying taxes is untrue.

However, one of the benefits that they can enjoy is that the children of illegal immigrants may go to free public school. This is considered a cost of illegal immigration that is worth paying because it would be unproductive and even dangerous to have a large amount of out-of-school and unskilled children and youths in society.

Allowing the children of illegal immigrants access to public school is really much better than the alternative. Nobody wants to have gangs of unemployed teenagers running around because they lack training and education.

A frequently discussed topic is healthcare for undocumented immigrants. Emergency hospital rooms are obliged to take in illegal immigrants because they are not allowed to turn away anyone, even if they cannot pay for the cost of medical care. Since most of them do not have health insurance, the hospital is obliged to absorb the cost of emergency care.

This cost is not negligible and in large hospitals can cost tens of millions of dollars, especially since emergency care is much more expensive than the non-emergency care available. Not all of the cases are even emergencies – many people just go to the emergency hospital room for care because they know the hospital is not allowed to turn them away.

Of course, some of these hospitals are funded by taxes and people have objected to taxes being spent on non-citizens.

While some take the position that publicly funded clinics should turn away non-citizens, others assert that public health and safety concerns dictate that all sectors of society have proper healthcare. Illnesses would be spread much faster if a large portion of the population was denied proper medical care.

Lawmakers are divided on the issue. Medical personal, consistent with the nature of their job, simply prefer not to turn away sick people.

In any case, before policymakers can tackle the issue, they must ponder what the real cost of illegal immigration would be if such a large segment of the population were deprived of health care. Especially in states like Arizona which share a border with Mexico. The government might save a few tax dollars to deny illegal aliens health care but would there not be a cost in the form of danger to public health and the possible increased spread of illness? This is a complicated matter that needs clear minds and not hysterical rhetoric.