Poll Shows Most Voters Do Not Support DREAM Act and Oppose Using Lame Duck Session to Pass It

LA DREAM Act Credit-Ruben Hernandez (12)A new national public opinion poll finds that Americans overwhelmingly oppose passage of the DREAM Act and believe that amnesty for illegal aliens should not be addressed by the lame duck Congress. The poll of 1,000 likely voters was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on behalf of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) during the week of November 22.


Among the key findings in the poll:

59 percent of voters believe that the lame duck Congress should limit its activities to completing work on budget and tax issues and leave broad social policies to the newly elected Congress. Only 31 percent of voters believe that it is appropriate for the lame duck Congress to take up controversial issues such as amnesty for illegal aliens.

54 percent of voters oppose the DREAM Act, compared to 38 percent who support its passage.
“Promoters of the DREAM Act have deliberately tried to mislead the American people by not disclosing detailed information about the legislation. But when Americans fully understand the scope of this illegal alien amnesty proposal, the benefits that illegal aliens would be eligible to receive, and the very minimal requirements needed to qualify, they overwhelmingly oppose passage of the DREAM Act,” said Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

Proponents have consistently tried to portray the DREAM Act as a very limited amnesty for a small number of high achieving young people who arrived in the United States prior to age 16. In fact, an estimated 2.1 million illegal aliens – many of whom are well into adulthood – would qualify for amnesty and subsidized educational benefits merely by taking a few college or vocational classes.

“This is the first poll that provides respondents with additional details about what really is in the DREAM Act, and asks them whether such far-reaching social policies should be enacted by a Congress where about one out five members has either been defeated by the voters, or is retiring,” said Stein.

“Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin are counting on the fact that voters have not read the fine print in the DREAM Act and that a sizeable number of senators and representatives are no longer accountable to the American people. The DREAM Act, and the attempt to bring it up for a vote during the lame duck session, is a prime example of the sort of duplicity that voters resoundingly repudiated earlier this month.

“Congressional leaders and the President Obama may claim they understand the reasons for the ‘shellacking’ they took at the polls, but the attempt to enact a sweeping amnesty that is opposed by most Americans, after the voters have spoken, is a clear indication that they still haven’t gotten the message,” Stein concluded.

The complete results of the Pulse Opinion Research poll can be downloaded in PDF format.


  1. Mika says:

    So let me get this straight. You guys are against other people from coming over here and working because they are illegal and not contributing to America. But when They try and become legal your against that too? and your all not racist or prejudice.

  2. drew says:

    Mika, I don’t know how old you are but at one time our system wasn’t this overwhelmed. I have been around for 6 decades and it is very obvious to me why. I saw it from the beginning to now. There is really not a nice way to say it, so why beat around the bush. If it wasn’t milking the economy and effecting millions of others you would probably never hear a peep about it. Sorry you are so blind to it.

  3. Tim says:

    These people dont even pay taxes, and yet we allow them to be here. its outrageuos

  4. cristina says:

    excuse me, but i do agree with the dream act. you all racist people jus trying to get rid of immigrants itz against the constitution if u dont noe. ur ancestors were immigrants aliens to the native people that are here. ha n how do u end up paying for it, oh by giving them poor land to build there casinos after years and years suffering in the white man’s hand. all of u make me sick. you dont even care about other people that want a better future. but no when it comes to american criminals u dont do nothing but when an immigrant tries to look for a job at a bus corner, your saying he/she is comitting a crime. ha what a bunch of prejudice racist people but ull pay on judgement day n see all of ur faults…thank u

  5. Val says:

    How are illegal immigrants allowed to live by the American constitution? We are not racist. I mean, illegal still means illegal, right?

    Honestly though, I think it is our lax government. It is not the illegals faults they want a better life for their families but they need to pay taxes.

    Harsh though Cristina. You are very judgmental yourself.

  6. Erik says:

    People need to very careful throwing out the racist card, especially when it exposes their own prejudices. Christina, if you are complaining about the “white man”, may be the majority of Hispanics should kick themselves out. Most of them have Spanish ancestry as well? Past transgressions towards Native Americans, doesn’t entitle another group to come and claim rights to the land as theirs. Illegal immigration is a burden on Americans and we need to make the environment hostile enough towards illegal immigration so that it lessens significantly. I am not against an immigration in general, though I think it should be carefully controlled. We need skilled workers to keep America on the leading edge, not menial workers. Also, with unemployment at 9%, I don’t think illegals are helping the job market for citizens. My mother is a legal immigrant from Finland and my fiance’s mother is from Mexico and her father is from Guatemala (both legal). If you have 13+ illegal immigrants in a country (which is larger than the entire pop of many countries. That is a serious issue, and w/o resorting to violence, this country needs to make it as inhosptiable to them as possible. As for the children, it really comes down to the question, are son/daughters responsilbe for the sins of their parents? Some path should be made, but they also should be made to renounce all other citizenship, pay significant penalties, etc.

  7. Esmeralda says:

    I hate how ignorant people make claims to gullible people and lies spread. Before anything, one needs to make sure what their position is before making a statement, and make sure it’s factual.
    It always goes both ways in any debate or argument.

    I’m a sixteen-year old Mexican girl that came when I was THREE years old. My GPA has never been below a 3.5 in high school! I’ve taken Honors and AP classes and more than anything, this country has made me love it. I love the greatness and diversity of the people who have came here and who have made such a strong culture. I live for becoming a citizen, working hard like the Puritan belief of the 1600-1700s, and for becoming the greatest of my potential.

    What I don’t see fit is the ignorance of the population against the DREAM Act. The country should know everything before making them impose a decision, before sending them to vote.
    Everyone needs to see that the DREAM Act is good for the country and for people like me. No one would take advantage of it if they have no wish of being a better person, and later a better citizen. Minimal requirements are mostly there because most of the undocumented youth are poorer individuals, they won’t be able to attend a more prestigious school or take better classes because the Federal government won’t finance their educations. State legislations would have to pass laws permitting state grants to be given to students such as the AB 131 in California.

    I can firmly say, no one without the wish of staying here would take advantage of the DREAM Act. Not only that, the DREAM Act is designed to PREVENT an encouragement of more illegal immigration while still aiding those who had no say in their parents decision. The applicable also need to have been in the country for five consecutive years at the time of enactment. This would NOT encourage more immigration.
    This is something much of the opposing public is not aware of, and is of course, an important detail.

  8. Joel says:

    For starters let me be clear that the ones being deceitful are the ones who wrote this article what the DREAM act actually does is give kids a chance to have citizen ship AND EVEN THEN the act only gives you “conditional permanent residential status” as in they would be allowed to go school,work, and PAY TAXES to the U.S.” then they would have to go through a waiting period before they actually became citizens.

    FACT When a child of an illegal immigrant applies for a college he/she may end up finding out for the first time that they are illegal and may end up being deported to a country they have never even stepped foot on
    They are being punished for a crime their parents committed
    Also when they are deported the parents usually get to live in the U.S. as Lows cost workers
    (corporations who save money hiring them are the ones who don’t want this bill enacted)

  9. AJ in 'Dallas' says:

    If you are NOT a citizen, you have NO RIGHT or claims to monies/systems that are for U.S. CITIZENS.

    Why do ILLEGALS claim to be improving OUR country??? Why didn’t they stay in THEIR COUNTRY and improve it from within….like they claim to be doing here in the USA????

  10. Diana says:

    Ignorance has no limit. Have you ever asked any illegal immigrant why they are here? Do you really think that one morning they just woke up and say “Hey let me go to the US and see what’s going over there, let me jump the border(go though hell, because that’s what exatcly what it’s) and explore America? is that what you think?

    The answer to those questions is shut up, do a little research, educate yourself and learn that not everybody got a good life like You do. That not everybody wake up in the morning with a piece of bread on the table and a job like you do.
    Btw, did you know that in South America you have to pay to go school?”(elementary,middle & high school). The government doesn’t help these people like your government do. Do you also know that welfare and financial aid don’t even exist in these Countries? if you don’t have the money to buy food or pay for your education you are out of the game. And did I mention health insurance?.

    Now,my question for you is; Wouldn’t You do the same for your family?
    wouldn’t you cross the border to come to the US in search of a better future for your kids, wouldn’t you worked 2 or 3 jobs just to send a couple of dollars(that actually is a lot in these countries) to your family back in your country?. These are the main reasons why you see so many illegal people in the US okay.
    They are not here stealing your jobs because I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t pick up strawberries and lettuce all day for 3 0r 5 bucks an hr…, You would rather live off of welfare.

  11. odilver says:

    It really is unclear of what most Americans want, one might be that this article may be found to be biased and if the author were to find a non-biased poll it would actually be 54% of the public that support the cause. Americans should see the benefits of enacting the dream Act because it would generate millions of dollars in new taxes, once these illegal immigrants graduate from our colleges and join the workforce of the country. It would reduce the deficit by more than $1.4 trillion and benefit the country as a whole. Just imagine the professions of these undocumented immigrants once they graduate from our universities and the experience they’ll gain. A critical point also is, the most you make as in money, the more taxes you pay. These undocumented immigrants have talent and now it’s time to allow them to show it.

  12. clarissa says:

    You guys are some mean people you probaly have friends that are latinos they help the world and they do pay taxes get it straight!!!

  13. Jamie22 says:

    Esmeralda I just going to give it to you straight… No one cares about you GPA, trust me we have a LOT of CITIZENS that can and do make those kinds of grades like that every day. Including me… (I have an Associates degree in International business finishing with a 4.0 and in my Bachelors degree with another 4.0 GPA) Again the United States nor ask or gives a rats a—about your GPA in school. We have professionals who are SMART enough to help with any problems we have unlike MEXICO, but you must know (in case you don’t) that we do know what the problem is in America take a guess…. No? I’ll tell you. It starts with an O and ends with an A… That’s our problem! Because if it wasn’t for him making you and your people believe you have a place here, we wouldn’t be having this is conversation now would we? Also you’re not THREE years old anymore honey so stop using that as an excuse. GROW UP OR GET OUT!!! For all your smarts you think you have. Here is an idea…. Why don’t you and you people use all that energy (and the EDUCATION with HONORS you claim to have) and go back to Mexico and fight for your rights there? Here you don’t have a leg to stand on. (Read the U.S constitution first) Also to Diana No one cares to hear about THEIR story and why THEY decided to come here. America is not doctor Phil. If we start listening to peoples story I guarantee illegal’s story is not who should be heard, but black people will be the top of the list since they ARE CITIZENS and is always the bottom of the barrel at everything. I’m sure there will be a lot of sadder stories in our own backyard. Not just for black people but white people as well. Wouldn’t you say? People that are against the DEAM ACT keep doing so you are not racist but are doing right for your country against these unknowns are in OUR country demanding something they never had in the first place.

  14. RC says:

    The poll results are contaminated. Read up on the sponsor of the poll:


    This is an important topic but we must remain as objective as possible.

  15. alphapoe says:

    Being against the Dream Act does not make someone racist nor anti-immigrant. ILLEGAL immigrants is a whole different matter. Neither they, nor their children, should get any benefits nor easy way to citizenship. That will just encourage more illegals to ignore the laws and sneak over here. This country has enough of it’s own people struggling and living in proverty. Help Americans and the immigrants who came here legally and became citizens.

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