Illegal Immigration Graphs – Undocumented Workers Population Greatly Reduced

One interesting fact that can be found in the most recent statistics published on population numbers is that, according to the Department of Homeland Security, the number of undocumented workers in the US has sharply declined in recent years. Illegal immigration graphs show a downward curve in population numbers.

Illegal immigration has long been a thorn on the side of the US government. Despite its best efforts, many undocumented workers still manage to successfully cross the US-Mexico borders. Added to this is the fact that many whose visas have expired continue to stay in the country. These two type of foreign workers number in the millions today.

Working under the Radar

The latest news, however, shows that the economic recession may have affected illegal immigration. In 2009, there were 10.8 million illegal aliens living in the US according to Department of Homeland Security findings. That is lower than the 11.6 million figure from 2008. The number of illegal immigrants in the US declined by 8 percent between 2007 and 2009. Around 74 percent of those illegal immigrants came from Mexico.

The cause of the drop in numbers is unknown though there are many possible reasons, chief among them the current economic slowdown. Others speculate that the number of illegal workers entering the US is lower or that more have been deported or left voluntarily (again, possibly due to the recession).

However, illegal immigration graphs and statistics published have shown a decline in population since before the economic problems.

California, which has long been the state of choice for illegal immigrants, has seen a decline in numbers of new illegal immigrants in the last 12 years. California was home to 30 percent of undocumented workers in the country in 2000 but by 2009, that number had dropped by 6 percent to 24 percent. The state’s decline in new illegal immigrant population mirrors the nationwide trend. Although other states have had an increase in illegal immigrant numbers, across the nation the overall population has been in decline.

Analysts say that the decline has been caused by fewer new jobs opening up in the market and therefore a decline in demand for immigrant labor. Others see it as evidence that stricter immigration law enforcement has been more effective.

The numbers clearly show that any fears of a massive influx of illegal immigrants across the border are unfounded at the present time. Despite the common worries that schools and hospitals will be flooded by the increasing numbers of undocumented workers, such fears are greatly exaggerated or groundless since illegal immigration numbers are actually at an all-time low.

Likewise, there is a decline in the number of violent crimes at the border, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI.

The drop in numbers is real and substantial but analysts cannot say whether the economy or the tougher stance on illegal immigration is responsible for the decline. The only way to tell is to compare the current illegal immigration graphs with future ones that will be published when the economy recovers.

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