The Dark Side of America’s Illegal Immigration Problem

illegal immigration crime statistics It’s no secret that the USA has millions of illegal aliens within their borders. Almost every time the subject of undocumented workers is raised, someone is bound to point out some illegal immigration crime statistics to discuss the dark side of America’s illegal immigration problem.

The population of illegal immigrants in the US is around 11 million and of that, 57% are from Mexico while 24% are from other Latin American countries in Central America. The rest are from other, more distant parts of the world.

Of these millions of people, there are obviously bound to be some criminals among them. Although most are simply hard-working people out to make money in a more affluent country than their own, there are in fact those who commit petty and serious crimes.

illegal immigration crime Since these people are mostly undocumented by official government agencies, it is difficult to find reliable statistics on their activities. Crime is also very much underreported since illegal aliens are often reluctant or afraid to report crime to the authorities. In fact, many criminals will prey on the illegal immigrant population precisely because their victims are disinclined to report them to the authorities.

According to the Paw Hispanic Center website, in their investigation of immigration crime statistics and the federal law courts records, 40% of all sentenced federal offenders were Latinos. Of those, 72% were not U.S. citizens.

However, other studies have pointed out that cities with large illegal immigrant communities do not necessarily have more crimes committed in them than those without a large population of illegal immigrants.

What does that mean? Well, it doesn’t mean that illegal immigrant communities are full of criminals. Most illegal aliens simply work hard and oftentimes succeed in giving their families a better life through the sweat of their brow.

illegal immigration crime statistics

Discussions of crime and illegal aliens often become highly passionate and politicized. Most recently, the murder of an Arizona rancher (Rob Krentz) last March 2010 allegedly by an illegal alien has ignited the controversy yet again.

Partly as a result of extensive media coverage surrounding the murder, Arizona passed the Arizona SB1070 bill to bring to an end anti-illegal immigration crime. The bill is today’s toughest state immigration law yet and its critics say that it will lead to a sharp increase in discrimination and harassment of illegal aliens. The law is particularly strict with requiring aliens to have documents with them at all times.

Time will tell whether the law will be effective in curbing illegal activities or lead to untoward harassment of aliens or some ethnic groups.

Currently, to justify various laws and policies regarding illegal immigration, the nation needs to examine the problem and gather reliable statistics. At the moment, the US has a dire need of illegal immigration crime statistics that can be properly interpreted so that lawmakers and policymakers can come to an understanding and perhaps even an agreement as to what exactly what needs to be done. Studies should be made and scientifically designed to shed light on the perennial problem of illegal aliens.


  1. Etta says:

    …what needs to be done? How about deportation.

  2. Jessica says:

    Not only lations commit crimes. White trashes do to. A lot of times mexicans are just accused because police in the U.S are rascist. So its all lies what yu say that latinos make up so much percent of crimes… 😛 F U!

  3. Jessica says:

    Deport yur CULO ETTA. hahahahhah yu white trash!!!!! or whatever trash!!!! VIVA MEXICO AYAYAYAYAYYAYAY!

  4. Matt says:

    Doport all illegals now!!!!

  5. Tiffany says:

    How about we make the visas more efficient and easier to obtain. The way our border patrol is set up, we’re asking for crime. Making these people live in secrecy and be unprotected by the law is a mistake. These people are destitute and willing to provide cheap labor to survive. The h2a visas are a huge pain to the employers and far too slow for the potential employees. Let’s stop pretending this isn’t our problem, face the truth, and do something reasonable. For those of you who think it is intelligent or helpful to post things like “deport all illegals now!!!!” I would highly recommend you know what you’re talking about before you embarrass yourself and perhaps a quick phonics review to help you out with spelling tough words, such as “deport.”

  6. Arrick says:

    Thankyou Tiffany,guys this lady has a brain,listen to her!I’m also willing to bet that she is just as beutiful, inside and out.

    peace & blessings

  7. David says:

    One illeagal is to many. It only took one illeagal to rape my teenage sister and turn her into a vegetable.

    And how did they catch this illeagal? The idiot didn’t even bother to take her picture out of the lock let before pawning it.
    So call me white trash, but that makes illeagals brown trash.

    Just like any other nation, if you don’t have a visa, you should be arrested, jailed and finger printed, and deported the long way home. No exceptions!

  8. Rhonda Galloway says:

    For “Jessica”:
    You should be deported based on your spelling, grammer, and etiquette alone. I’m sorry, too many big words?

  9. Nina says:

    For “Tiffany”
    Your idea has a lot of merit, but considering the US government, it would be “too easy”. In addtion, immigrants who do have visas are still discriminated against, people would tell them things like “Go back to Mexico you illegal”. It’s like the civil rights era again and even today, blacks are still not treated fairly.

    For “David”
    I am sorry that your sister was raped, but you also have to consider that some other non imigrant could have also done this to her too or to anybody. And if you were in their shoes, America does not exactly make it easy to “get a visa”. And unless, you are Native American, your ancestors were probably immigrants too at one point. These illegals are just trying to do what all our ancestors did, but they unfortunatly came during the wrong time. They are illegals BECAUSE they can not get visas, it is not their fault that many had such a crappy life that they wanted to go to America. Besides, some illegals are here becasue major farms or corporations forced them here to do manual labor because many Americans feel that those jobs are “beneath” them.

    In general, the gap between white discrimination to minority discrimination is pretty wide. All throughout history, whites would discriminate against 1. Native Americans when Christaphor Columbus “discovered” America 2. Blacks during the colonial times and the civil rights era 3. Japanese during WW2 4. Communists during the Red Scare (1 &2) 5. and now Latinos
    We say that Latinos are the problem, but shouldn’t we consider that we too are the problem when we dont help them and instead send them back to a life that would kill them?

  10. kanaskat says:

    Oh whaaaaa – get real – nobody MAKES people come here and live in secret. Feeling sorry for them solves nothing. Of course citizens commit crimes too but if a ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CRIMINAL was where they belong, there would be that many less crimes committed here – capeche? To someone who loses a family member to Illegal Immigrant crime does NOT CARE how many citizens commit murders too, the murder that affects them is the only one they care about and if the illegal criminal hadn’t been allowed to stay here their loved one would still be alive. Cry me a river. The folks I feel sorry for are the hundreds of thousands who have been patiently waiting through the LEGAL process quite possibly living in as bad or worse life conditions as the ones here illegaly. And by the way, having poor spelling and/or disagreeing WITH YOUR point of view doesn’t mean that that person isn’t informed – so take your holier-than-thou attitude and adopt a bunch of illegal immigrants.

  11. says:

    Wow and here I thought being an

    forbidden by law or statute.

    contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc.: The referee ruled that it was an illegal forward pass.

    Informal. illegal alien. So they are all law breakers !

  12. Mike says:

    Unfreakenbeliveable, Latino’s make up 40% of the prison population, 72% of those are not U.S. citizen’s. In Mexico just in 2011 24,068 deaths, 1,000 were children. In the first 6 months of 2010 11,000 immigrant’s were kidnapped. Mexico has the 14th largest nominal GDP, the 11th largest in purchasing power. By 2050 Mexico will have the 5th largest economy in the world. Among the OECD nations Mexico has the 2nd highest degree of economic disparity between rich and the poor. 2010 poverty rose from 35% to 46% ( 52 million people ). Immigration laws or the lack of, effect any country. It seems like the U.S. doesn’t have a reform problem, maybe a national security issue. Change your country, not mine. We maybe the first Country to annex it’s own lands to another country by it’s own government, ever. Secure the border, enforce the existing laws and put pressure on the Mexican government. Take the cuffs off the cops. If you knock on my front door, you will be welcomed. If you sneak in my back door, your a thief! Adios!

  13. merai says:

    HI Jessica,
    You show your ignorance when you call Caucasian [white] people trash.
    Go back to Mexico and yell ya,ya,ya,ya,viva Mexico, cause this is
    America and here we yell viva America. Captas,comprendes, burra.

  14. merai says:

    Jessica tienes una voca muy sucia.

  15. DON says:

    Deport all illegals build sniper towers at the border.

  16. JR says:

    I think Jessica is an illiterate, uneducated white girl who likes her Mexican boyfriends. Probably has their bastard children, who the taxpayers support.

  17. D. Mark says:

    Please remember, when they commit a crime, in most cases it is against one of our own citizens and this can be prevented if our immigration laws were enforced? The citizens of the United States of America are tiered of illegal immigrants and their cost to the taxpayers?

  18. Darrin says:

    I think there is a lot of bashing going on back and forth, The fact of the matter is that crossing the U.S boarder Illegally is illegal. Illegal immigration is hurting our economy in many ways including schools, hospitals, working under the table and not paying taxes that help support the wellfare system etc. this problem has gone on to long and change has to happen. If not we will all be living in poverty.

  19. Darrin says:

    I think illegals are bankrupting the country. Say what you want but illegal means illegal

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