Pro Immigration RallyIllegal immigration is a problem that the United States is facing right now. Basically, with the excess number of people coming into the country, mostly from Central America and Mexico, the benefits and opportunities that should be given to American citizens are being given to these illegal immigrants. What’s worse is that there are some studies which show pro illegal immigration statistics.

The problem with these statistics which actually show illegal immigration as a good thing for the country is that they are holding back related information, which makes some figures look good compared to how they do when the whole picture is shown. Some facts and figures are really good, but when coupled with what accompanies these facts and figures, they turn into terrible information.

Pro illegal immigration statistics show that with the influx of new workers brought into the United States through illegal immigration, the workforce has grown to new, more efficient levels. While it is true that more jobs are being taken because of the presence of these illegal immigrants, you would have to take a look at the bigger picture. For one, these jobs are vacant, no matter if the illegal immigrants are in the country or not. With that established, isn’t it right to think that it is unfair for the American citizens who are unemployed, who are looking for the same jobs as these illegal immigrants? These opportunities are given to them, instead of to those American citizens who are paying their taxes and are fully in line with the law.

Some arguments also say that the underground economy created by the illegal immigrants generates income for the country, and helps in the country’s economy. Yes, it’s true that they have their own businesses and income generating activities – however, because they are illegal citizens, they are not paying their taxes. Additionally, because they don’t declare their income, they are given health benefits and education benefits for their children – which should rightfully be for the other American citizens who are in need of these more than they do. The income generated by their underground economy is far less than all the benefits that the government is spending on that are being provided to them.

Pro-immigration Rally

Pro illegal immigration statistics are often constructed in this way. Knowing the relevant information that should accompany the first two arguments for illegal immigration suddenly makes these arguments invalid and just downright wrong.  Do not be fooled by these arguments, as all they want is to provide confusion and to gather people to support illegal immigrants. There are laws in place for the security and welfare of the American citizens, and throwing these laws out the window will greatly affect not just this generation, but the future generations as well. There’s no harm in immigrants coming into the country – as long as they have passed their requirements and are good members of the community, why not? However, illegal immigrants do more bad than good, and that is something that needs to be addressed both by the government and by the American citizens alike.