Debunking Pro Illegal Immigration Statistics

Pro Immigration RallyIllegal immigration is a problem that the United States is facing right now. Basically, with the excess number of people coming into the country, mostly from Central America and Mexico, the benefits and opportunities that should be given to American citizens are being given to these illegal immigrants. What’s worse is that there are some studies which show pro illegal immigration statistics.

The problem with these statistics which actually show illegal immigration as a good thing for the country is that they are holding back related information, which makes some figures look good compared to how they do when the whole picture is shown. Some facts and figures are really good, but when coupled with what accompanies these facts and figures, they turn into terrible information.

Pro illegal immigration statistics show that with the influx of new workers brought into the United States through illegal immigration, the workforce has grown to new, more efficient levels. While it is true that more jobs are being taken because of the presence of these illegal immigrants, you would have to take a look at the bigger picture. For one, these jobs are vacant, no matter if the illegal immigrants are in the country or not. With that established, isn’t it right to think that it is unfair for the American citizens who are unemployed, who are looking for the same jobs as these illegal immigrants? These opportunities are given to them, instead of to those American citizens who are paying their taxes and are fully in line with the law.

Some arguments also say that the underground economy created by the illegal immigrants generates income for the country, and helps in the country’s economy. Yes, it’s true that they have their own businesses and income generating activities – however, because they are illegal citizens, they are not paying their taxes. Additionally, because they don’t declare their income, they are given health benefits and education benefits for their children – which should rightfully be for the other American citizens who are in need of these more than they do. The income generated by their underground economy is far less than all the benefits that the government is spending on that are being provided to them.

Pro-immigration Rally

Pro illegal immigration statistics are often constructed in this way. Knowing the relevant information that should accompany the first two arguments for illegal immigration suddenly makes these arguments invalid and just downright wrong.  Do not be fooled by these arguments, as all they want is to provide confusion and to gather people to support illegal immigrants. There are laws in place for the security and welfare of the American citizens, and throwing these laws out the window will greatly affect not just this generation, but the future generations as well. There’s no harm in immigrants coming into the country – as long as they have passed their requirements and are good members of the community, why not? However, illegal immigrants do more bad than good, and that is something that needs to be addressed both by the government and by the American citizens alike.


  1. araceli says:

    hey, good points there buddy… but just to let u know, illegal immigrants do pay taxes just like everybody else!

  2. Keri says:

    I disagree with your thoughts of “illegal immigrants dont pay taxes”

    The truth is, immigrants (illegal or not) pay taxes. The wrong about the government is that these immigrants are being taxed, but cannot vote on their taxes(taxation without representation). The biggest reason why is because our government makes an immigrant pay $800 to “purchase” their citizenship, most people do not have this money, or are against the thought of having to “purchase” their citizenship.

    Just saying…

  3. clanmack says:

    Unfortunately, this article contains no information or facts to debunk Pro Illegal Aliens statistics. All the article says is that “because they are illegal, they don’t pay taxes, and use government benefits.” It is a sweeping generalization that proves the idea of “say it enough times and people think it is the truth.” Basic logic show us that these statements are un-generalized major and minor premises and not worthy of consideration. Georgia farmers can’t find enough workers to harvest crops-even probationers who need work WON’T pick crops, much less other able bodied, unemployed citizens. That is a fact since the Georgia Legislature passed and anti-immigration law last session. Whoever wrote this article and all who agree with its “arguments” are not looking at the “big picture.”

  4. betzy says:

    well i strongly disagree with this article. its not the illegal immigrants fault that the “llegal citizens” dont want the jobs, or waht now they’re gonna start blaming them for that too?>:/

  5. What? says:

    Legal citizens don’t want jobs? Get a reality check. The unemployment rate is high all over, of COURSE they want jobs. Between “free trade’ and illegal immigrants, American worker’s wages are being attacked on two fronts for the rush to get the cheapest workers. Allowing this country to be continually flooded with extra people when we can barely sustain the people already here is criminally negligent.

  6. Kelly says:

    To araceli and Keri , illegal immigrants usually pay sales tax, where everyone around the world has to pay no matter where you are. For the other taxes, you need a SSN to pay and illegal immigrants don’t have them. The only way for them to obtain it is by stealing another person’s identity or by forging one.
    Also, to betzy, have you thought about the other way around, legal citizens want jobs but can’t find any? And, some business owners prefer illegal immigrants because they don’t have to pay income taxes.

  7. JAMES Gulledge says:


    Reform the government, give us a broad foundation from which it stands liberty, equal laws, freedom and justice for all, and everything else will follow. I do not think people understand how, all-encompassing immigration problems are, or initially realize how it effects everyone, every single one of us, reform is not just about the undocumented immigrants anymore. It has been left unchecked for so long, you can no longer ignore the white elephant in the room. It has caused our country to adopt a double set of rules and standards, and this affects all of us. There are also so many innocent victims, such as children, young adults and relative’s. With over ten million undocumented immigrants almost everyone as some relation to them, either knowingly or unknowingly, you may work for them or with them, you may live in one of their houses, or maybe one is an all-star in your child’s sports program. They may bag your groceries, or you may buy groceries at their store. Maybe your son is dating one, or your nephew married one, immigration reform will, and does, affect everyone. Hundreds of thousands of undocumented workers and or residents may exist in any country, at any time, this is probably un-preventable, has probably always existed, and probably always will. However, over ten million undocumented workers and or residents in a country is never by accident, it was by choice, and was someone’s or something’s willful desire.

    By allowing illegal immigrants to come here, to work and live illegal for generations, in the shadows has, and continues too, not only destroy lives, but our country as well. Just like any infectious cancer, it grows; it spreads, and will destroy one country after another. Equal justice in laws is a principle that must be universally adopted. Equality is something that we constantly preach to the world. Equal laws must be the foremost desire at heart and principle, without it all will fail.

    The 14th Amendment: states that “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”. The obligation of the state is to protect life, liberty, and property. It does this by trying to insure us, equal protection under the law.

    Here we have erected a strong corner pillar, equal protection of the laws, it is one of many pillars that support a protective celling, of under which we are all governed. It should protect and shield us from discrimination, and serve as a place that yields, promotes and creates just laws, laws that are equal, and serve to eliminate double standards. In the past slavery and im more recant times, the permitted existence of undocumented immigrants, which in some cases are reminiscent and look similar to slavery, are direct contradictions, and there existence promotes discrimination, double standards and inequality, which has eroded away at the corner pillar of which this grand structure sits. Left unattended, and unreformed, for decades it has caused this pillar to bow and sag, pulling and bending every other virtue, value, rule, and morel law towards it. Eventually the other pillars will break, and the whole thing will fall into that one void.

    Canada just released a statement stating that the highest amount of illegal immigrants in their country were from the United States, and there were 54 of them, 54, we have more than 54 illegal immigrants here working in just one restaurant. Illinois just passed a law, requiring illegal immigrants, to get driver licenses. This says we do not want to deport them, or we cannot deport them, but we know that they are here. By willful desire, we have 10 to 15 million illegal immigrants in this country. The core drive is greed, greed for more profit, cheaper the labor, higher the profit. Left unchecked the system gets out of balance, and the only way you can compete with the competition is to do what they are doing, higher illegal low wage employees.

    It was never by accident, it was never unknown, it was always planned! Furthermore, when one branch of the government turns a blind eye too, or is lobbied into allowing millions of undocumented workers to enter our country and secure fulltime employment and or residency without actually having to become, or even being able to become, a legal resident, other branches of the government must follow suit. If the whole system did not support undocumented immigration It just wouldn’t work, but the system dose support it. It is just not a bunch of single people here working illegally, no. They live here, and get married here, have or bring their family’s here. They buy houses and cars. They enroll their children in schools; they go to our hospitals and fill out the forms. Ten million of them do not go without getting into an accident, or a speeding ticket. They get loans; have insurance and even driver licenses. They have TIN numbers (tax identification numbers) kind of like our social security numbers. All this is proof that if you sneak into this country, you will be received with open arms, you are wanted, if not how could all that exist?

    Having over ten million undocumented immigrants here means the enforcement of our immigration laws and rules was non-excitant, and I believe it broke our country. It pushed wages down so low that it lowered the ability to live a way of life we were accustomed to, a way of life everyone should strive for. It created a pathway of moral destruction that changed what was once the driving force of America. A country where one parent could work forty hours, buy a house, a car, and support their family. The other parent could stay at home and raise the children with love and values. It was a race to the bottom, with wages so low and competition so great, profit margins were lowered to the point that the only way the big guys could make a buck, was to export jobs to countries that had even lower wages, and that was the beginning of the end.

    The absence of laws, rules and regulation, has affected everyone, many are without a job, I am not. Most can play with their children and watch them grow, I cannot! I too am one of those people that are affected. When you look at me, I would not fit into any profile of a person you would expect to be associated with an immigration problem, but I am! When I was thirty-four, I went on vacation with a friend from work to his hometown and country, Mexico. One day we were eating in a restaurant there in Mexico, and I met a young woman who was working there, we went out a few times. Before I came home, she told me that she liked me, but maybe I should look for a different girlfriend as she had been deported twice from the United States, and figured it would likely cause us problems in the future. I did not know what to say, I told her no, let me see what I can do; let me find out if anything can be done. We kept in close contact, and I returned to Mexico often to see her. During this time I explained her circumstances to lawyers and officials, some said oh boy, you got a tough road ahead of you, but others said I do not think you have too much to worry about, file the right paperwork and you will have a good chance.

    Back then I did not have all the paper work I do now, where people could look at them and say she did x, y, z, and as a result, she will have a, b, c, it was there best judgment, and my good and naive faith. One day I was sitting in the office of a Indiana State Congressman, for the fifth time inquiring about this matter, and talking to one of the assistants when a door opened up, and out walked a man in a real nice suit, it was the Congressman. He said, “How many times have you been in my office, four, five, times? What are you so worried about, you’re an American citizen, if you love her get married, file the right visa’s and get married, have kids, I wouldn’t sweat it. There is a nighty eight percent chance everything will work out. He smiled”, I stood up and shook his hand, and then ran out of his office to call my girlfriend. I told her everything was going to be all right, We proceeded to get married in Mexico, have children in Mexico, and I filed the proper paperwork as instructed, and nothing worked out, it was bad advice, and nearly ten years later here we are, it is a tragedy!

    Now I have to sit down and write one letter, a letter that tells of my extreme hardship of being separated from my family. But to the Government this is not considered extreme hardship. They are looking for “extreme”, like a paper from a doctor that says you have terminal brain cancer and have only two years to live! I do not have cancer, but I do have a desire to see the boy on this page, and the girl on the next page, they are my son and my daughter.

    I have one shot, the I-601 wavier of inadmissibility, this will forgive my wife of the immigration laws she broke. My life is reduced down to one letter, and this one letter will not only be a defining moment in my life, but will also define and layout the future of my children’s life’s. Children who have already, and unknowingly, been scarred and denied the opportunity to have a life with both parents; not because of a martial divorce, but by a countries divorce of morality. One fueled by greed and lobbied into existence by politicians. Once you have children your life really dose change, it is all about them. They are so beautiful, they feel you with so much love and joy, and you want so much for them, but all they want, is just a little time to play with you.

    Could you imagine not being able to see your children? There really is no help. I have tried everything and applied for jobs in 27 different countries, trying to unite my family. There are millions of innocent victims. People like me who met someone on vacation, or young people who grew up here and never even knew they were illegal aliens. People who came to school here from other countries, and made some infraction they were unaware of, and often never even notified of, and lawyers, embassy officials an d politicians ignorant of the extremely complicated, contradictory and ever-changing immigration rules, telling people everything will work out. Explain to me how over ten million people got here without papers, and now no amount of papers will allow me to get my wife, thus my children, thus my family here?

    My wife broke the law when she was younger, she ran across a river into a country that seemed to welcome her with open arms. If I told you that you could sneak into Canada and make ten times your yearly salary in one year, and you will not get caught, everyone is doing it, would you do it, would you? You could go from 50k to 500k in one year. You sneak over there, you’re scared, you get a job and your making 9k a week, and you realize you’re not scared, you realize are not alone, everyone is doing it, you’re just one of millions, you call your brother and friends and say, hey come on over, I can get you a job tomorrow. You know what you would call that, you would call that America, because there is no way in hell that would happen in Canada, probably nowhere in the world, except in America!

    Try to sneak into Canada tomorrow and get a job I dare ya. They have rules and laws that criminalize employers who hire illegal immigrants, pretty simple huh, criminalize employers who hire illegal immigrants, gee why didn’t we think of that? To implement this would be complicated. You would have to have the ability to identify each and every person, like a unique national ID, such as a social security card. Then you would have to have one central entity such as a government. This government would have to have one branch that just kept control of the social security numbers, like the social security administration.

    Then when you apply for a job, a loan, or a credit card, you present this number if there is someone already using this number, they say sorry, but no. That person then would call the social security administration to resolve the problem. Since you cannot get for a job, a loan, or a credit card without this number, it would be very rare that there is a problem, and there would be a bunch of employees in the resolution department playing Ping-Pong ball, waiting for the phone to ring, and the problem would get resolved quickly.

    John at the ten-minute oil change place down the road was fined three hundred thousand dollars, and two years in jail last year for hiring an undocumented immigrant, and everyone knows about it. It was on TV, and is still talked about in the coffee shop. So Jeff who needs to hire a Mechanic today will surely ask for a social security number and run it, before he hires.

    At the same time there will be a guy in Mexico telling people he herd that you could go to the United States and get a job and make ten times you salary here in Mexico, and you do not need papers, and there would be people laughing, and saying yah right, go ahead I dare ya. They heard about John too! I guess we were not smart enough to do that, but hey, we did get a man on the moon in 1969, but that was probably easy.

    The whole world watched as Mr. Regan told Mr. Gorbachev to tear down that wall. A few years later, Mr. Bush told the whole world, he wanted to build one! It is so stupid; a ten-billion dollar wall is only as strong as the poorest guy on the border patrol, the person who would be tempted by three thousand cash for letting just this one person across! In contrast, a few dollars of ink would alert the whole nation that the first time offense for hiring, or currently having an undocumented immigrant is a three hundred thousand dollar fine, and two years in jail. The next day you would see more help wanted signs in the United States, than in every county combined on the planet.

    Children obviously receive the most damage, but the number of torn families is unfathomable, they made mistakes buy coming here illegal, we the United States made mistakes by a allowing this to happen. Let’s learn from our mistakes, “again” but this time reform our laws, hold employers responsible for hiring undocumented workers, hold the government responsible for identifying everybody, and go forward, but not at the expense of the children or families. Fences may make for good neighbors, but they do not make good boarders, laws make good boarders. Were all in this together, one party is just as guilty as the other. Amnesty is the only solution, enact it, but this time learn from it!


  8. fgbouman says:

    Well thought out, accurate and sad. You are right, the cure is simple. Having worked illegally in one country with laws such as you mention for quite some time before finally getting a highly placed government official to vouch for me, I know that a single law such as that is not the only thing to be done, but it goes a long way towards controlling the problem of illegal workers and thereby illegal immigration.
    If we really want to resolve the problem, though, we have to seek to bring up the income of most of the world. Acts such as subsidizing the growth and export of corn to Mexico does just the reverse… a few corporate farmers and commodity speculators are enriched while tens of thousands of Mexican farmers are left with no option but to go north. It is very clear that once economies achieve parity, illegal immigration drops to negligible numbers. Unfortunately, the ruling class of the U.S. benefits from disparity, not parity and so the hope of actually eliminating the illegal immigrant problem is nil.

  9. tatta says:

    Why is nobody questioning the lawfullness of those who employ illegal immigrants and pay them under the table? these people should obbey the law of their contry and they could be held responsable.

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